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Lou Malnati’s & Tastes of Chicago are iconic. When you serve the best pizza on the planet, you NEED the best hearts, souls, and minds to do so. In our 50+ years of success, we have created connections & relationships. We hold our relational business model as a foundation for how we show up for each other, our guests, and our communities.

Our team members are whole people, with families, hobbies, and lives outside of work. We honor our Paid Time Off and encourage people to decompress, gain perspective, and spend time how they choose to. In our Buffalo Grove, Illinois Restaurant Support Center, we work in an agile work model, meaning, we are committed to in-person, hybrid, or remote environments to create a work-life "fit" for us and the people we love.

In both the field and the Support Center, we walk the talk. We show up for ourselves and each other. We invest time in pursuit of personal and professional growth. Our turnover is best-in-class in our industry. Our jobs are not easy but worth the effort and commitment when we see smiling faces and moments being made around or with our pizza.

The Malnati DNA is about a team that shares the same core values of tradition, hospitality, excellence, growth, integrity, family, and teamwork. We believe in an environment that fosters employee development where we are all seen, heard, and valued.


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